distributed workers with akka

I’ve been playing with the Akka framework for Scala recently, and have found it mostly enjoyable, despite a few kinks and quirks. I find it doesn’t take too much time for me to wrap my head around the usage, which implies that it must be very well written indeed :).

I did run into one issue recently with respect to remoting – I wanted to start a number of remote workers and have them bind on their local address, but the documentation and howto’s generally refer to running on a single machine. It turns out it’s fairly simple – just use an empty hostname in your application.conf:

akka.remote {
  transport = "akka.remote.netty.NettyRemoteTransport"
  netty {
    hostname = ""
    port = 9999

Now your servers will bind to the *( address. When addressing them, you have to use the IP address directly, as unfortunately, they won’t respond to hostname based addresses – e.g:

val addr = "akka://[email protected]:9999/user/search-worker" // works
val addr = "
akka://[email protected]:9999/user/search-worker" // refuses messages

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