quickcite: the lazy academic’s friend

Every academic is familiar with the joy of maintaining correct citations.  Hunting down the paper you intend, constructing the BibTeX entry, naming it, then fixing up the 3 other places in your paper where you referenced the same paper under a slightly different key.  It’s an annoyance.

QuickCite relieves some of that annoyance, by looking up references for you and updating your .bib file automatically.  It handily
slips into your Makefile:

paper.pdf: ...
    quickcite -b paper.bib *.tex
    latex ...

Any missing citation entries are automatically resolved (currently, just via DBLP). For example, in my tex file somewhere I have:

This was a really awesome paper cite{PiccoloPower}.

But this was even better cite{Mapreduce}.

QuickCite will hunt down the appropriate entries for you:

quickcite -b paper.bib paper.tex
Missing reference for PowerPiccolo
Result to use for {PowerPiccolo}:
  (0) Skip this citation
  (1) A novel fuzzy system for wind turbines reactive power control.
      Geev Mokryani, Pierluigi Siano, Antonio Piccolo, Vito Calderaro, Carlo Cecati
  (2) Piccolo: Building Fast, Distributed Programs with Partitioned Tables.
      Russell Power, Jinyang Li
  (3) Impact of Chosen Error Criteria in RSS-based Localization: Power vs Distance vs Relative Distance Error Minimization.
      Giuseppe Bianchi, Nicola Blefari-Melazzi, Francesca Lo Piccolo

Missing reference for Mapreduce
Result to use for {Mapreduce}:

That’s it! Your bibtex file will be updated with the appropriate entries, so you won’t be queried again.

The source is available on github.

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