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I have the (perhaps uncommon) issue of running WordPress on the same server that I store all of my images.  This makes it a bit annoying to upload images to my blog, since it requires I manually download all of them, resize them and then re-upload.  This normally just results in me giving up and not posting pictures, which is a shame, because I’m sure you’re all very interested in the mundane details of my life.

Anyhoo… I found a solution for my problems in a combination of 2 plugins – Add From Server, and Imsanity.  Add From Server allows me to simply select a directory of files on my server and have them bulk imported.  On it’s own, this wouldn’t be enough, because then I would end up with a whole bunch of 10M images files that no one would be interested in looking at.  Imsanity magically hooks into the import process and enforces some sizing guidelines – in this case limiting the WordPress images to 1600×1200.

Yay for pluggability!

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