a little bit of magic

There are many things I don’t understand about modern technology. But I think that I have a fairly good grasp of the basics, and I’m not often completely mystified as to how something happens.

And then, sometimes, there is just magic.

For instance, today, I was trying my dusty old Droid Eris working (until I can order a replacement for my old phone). Unfortunately, the bottom left corner of the screen was not responding, which made the phone somewhat, well, useless.  Then, after following the strange advice here:


Meanwhile, seeing that I had a packet of new extra screen protectors
left, I went ahead and put a new screen protector on my screen.  This
wasn’t an attempt to fix the phone…to my utter surprise, the dead
spot was completely gone!

I had a leftover screen protector from my old phone. Incredibly enough, this technique actually worked! After applying the screen protector, the screen immediately began responding appropriately. As if by magic.

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