Automatically loading nvidia-settings at xstartup

I’m running the NVidia driver on Linux, and find that the default brightness on my monitor is set to “OMGZ -burning my eyes out”.

As my monitor is a POS bare-bones model, it doesn’t actually support adjusting the brightness in hardware.

The nvidia-settings command allows me to adjust the brightness (thank you), but it doesn’t properly save it, and I have to start it each time X crashes I log out.  This is inconvenient, and since I am lazy, it results in me often subjecting my eyes to the equivalent of several atom bomb detonations by the time I get around to changing the settings again.

Fortunately, as I discovered today, there is a command line mode for nvidia-settings – if I invoke it with:

nvidia-settings -l

It applies any settings in the configuration file. It doesn’t actually save the brightness information correctly into that file, but that’s easy to adjust with these lines:


My eyes are already thanking me.

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