katy perry, barack obama, and orange juice (frozen vs fresh squeezed)

The other night I was wasting a few minutes idly surfing the internet – something I do far too often, it turns out. I happened upon this link about Katy Perry’s performance at an Obama campaign event. Obviously the prospect of seeing Katy Perry in a latex dress was worth further investigation, so I naturally clicked on the link and read the article.

Then, much to my chagrin, I started reading the comments at the bottom. As you might expect, this being the internet, the comments fell into one of a few camps:

  1. Katy Perry is hot.
  2. Katy Perry is dumb/an idiot/blonde.
  3. I wish I was in X/Y/Z position on that dress.
  4. Katy Perry is a stupid girl, doesn’t she realize that Obama is going to raise her taxes?

It’s the 4th point that I want to focus on here. Now, I should bring up the obvious point that Katy Perry, being a self-made millionaire, has proved to be extraordinarily talented at image and brand building, something that is less likely to be true for the average internet commentator. But there’s something a bit more subtle I want to point out here:

Katy Perry knows that re-electing Barack Obama could result in a tax increase for her, and she’s okay with it.

The same applies to me, and a lot of other relatively wealthy people. I can’t claim to be unbiased here – I view the current health care system as a complete market failure, and while I don’t think Obamacare is the perfect solution, I do want every American to have access to reasonable healthcare. But the point I keep letting slip away here, and I’m really getting to it now is – we’re okay with paying more, because we’re getting more as a result.

It’s like orange juice – you can get frozen orange juice for say, 1/5th the cost of fresh squeezed. But they aren’t the same thing. They taste different, they are different, and yes they cost different amounts. You get what you pay for. So yes, I’m voting for Obama, not because I’m an idiot who is unaware of taxes, but rather because I value the difference between frozen and fresh squeezed.

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