Big Gummy Bears

Normally, when confronted with (inevitably weird and annoying) YouTube commercials, I’m hovering over the “Skip Ad” link, waiting for it to be enabled.

But today, I saw an advertisement so odd, that I was forced to watch through the whole thing just to figure out if it was a parody. It wasn’t. Congratulations Vat19, on a successful commercial – if I’m ever in the market for giant gummy bears, I’ll come your way.

Who thinks up these things?

Fiber to the people

My home internet sucks, relatively speaking. Anytime something shows up as “HD”, I know that it’s not going to work out for me. This is not at all surprising, given that I only have one choice (Time Warner) and they continually send me advertisements offering to spend $100 a month in order to get the bandwidth I’m supposed to get for $50. The sad thing is that if you look at the wireless routers visible from my apartment (> 50), everyone in the building (and nearby buildings) has the same problem. If only we could just share one good connection, we’d all be so much happier.

So here’s what I think should happen.

Apartment buildings should have fiber run to the building, run ethernet/wireless to each floor, and charge $40 a month to access it. Why? Because they’d make money off of it, that’s why. After the initial cost to run the fiber, they could contract with Cogent/Level 3/ATT to provide transit. Based on my crude knowledge of the state of connection costs from 5 years ago, it would cost about $5 a month to give every user 10Mb/s of dedicated service.

And everyone in the building would get 10 times the bandwidth of Time Warner to boot. Hurray!

I’ve been daydreaming about starting a company that contracts to do just this (drag fiber to buildings and contract for support). I know, I know, a lot of this types of companies already exist, but still… let me daydream.